Fluid Analysis Lab

Maintaining your MaK engine components is one of your top priorities. A good place to start is with SOS Services-oil analysis and coolant analysis. They are the fastest, most accurate, most reliable way to see what's going on inside your MaK engine. They are important steps toward increased productivity, less serious repairs, less downtime and operating costs.


SOS Services are one of the most useful and important maintenance support programs available. Here's why:


  • Detects problems early, so they can be repaired before they become major failures
  • Helps you schedule downtime to fit your workload
  • Monitors positives as well as negatives, so you won't have to pay for repair components that are not worn out
  • Allows you to monitor maintenace schedules to verify that routine maintenance has been performed
  • Enables you to better manage budgets by predicting repairs, downtime and engine component life
  • Helps you develop a complete service history for each engine. This proves invaluable when evaluating performance and planning replacement purchases


For maximum protection, you need SOS oil sampling for all major oil-lubricated systems (engine, transmission and hydraulic systems) and SOS coolant sampling for your cooling systems. By pinpointing trouble early, you can avoid downtime because of unplanned repairs or catastrophic failures.