Customer Service Team

You can rely on our Product Support Specialists to deliver complete solutions wherever you are, when you need support.


We provide service from our factory trained service technicians with offshore experience enabling our customers to receive specialized marine engine services when necessary wherever they work, worldwide. 

Our division has a complete inventory of portable MaK tooling allowing us to perform tasks including:

  • Bolt stretch tooling for cylinder block disassembly and assembly
  • Portable valve grinding
  • Valve guide reconditioning
  • On vessel liner and counterbore reconditioning
  • Camshaft positioning tool
  • Measuring, inspecting, removing and installing of small end connecting rod bushing
  • Cut and lap valve seats (intake and exhaust)
  • Valve guide reconditioning
We have all the necessary tooling to service engine models 282 through 601 and from M20 through M43. This covers the complete MaK product line.