Leveraging All for Marine
ACERT® Technology is the product of a $500 million investment structured
on the broadest product, application and manufacturing base in the industry.
No other marine engine supplier can draw on an 11 kW to 16,000 kW product experience, combined with internal fuel systems, manufacturing and internal electronic controls design. This broad and solid base allows Caterpillar to make the building blocks of ACERT work better together than they would as stand alone components.

Less Smoke and Noise
The investment paid off when Caterpillar made landmark breakthroughs in
the science of fuel combustion. ACERT Technology allows the combustion process to be shaped and managed with an extremely high degree of precision. The end result is an engine that meets emissions requirements quietly and with less smoke.

Advanced combustion has been a goal of engine researchers for decades.
But only Caterpillar has the expertise, resources and technology base –
with proprietary electronic controls, fuel systems and air management
systems – to make it a reality.

Provides Better Performance
What makes ACERT Technology good for the environment also makes
ACERT good for performance. Efficient combustion reduces engine wear and maximizes the amount of fuel energy applied to the propeller or generator. Instead of seeing the black smoke of partially burnt fuel escape out your exhaust system, ACERT drives the combustion system to pull the maximum amount of energy from each injection.

Additional Information

ACERT® Technology for marine engines (PDF, 4.980 KB)